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In my studio, in kibbutz mishmarot, I hold my frontal workshops, which divided into workshops in recycled wood or watercolor.

I invite you to a joint creation that will fill you with inspiration.
In these workshops we will meet and dive happily into the exciting work with
The selected recycled wood, or with watercolors.

In the wood workshops:
We will paint and sand,we will combine materials and get, while working, a lot of knowledge about woodwork and art in general. we will plan a composition, create strong racks, cover with good varnish and throw a small exhibition of all the great creations we made, and get inspired  






In the watercolor workshops:

We will learn techniques and tips on a variety of topics in the field of watercolors. We will experience a basic assumption of color and work with a palette. And for the more advanced / s - we will receive a variety of interesting tools that open up new ways and channels for rich and varied creation with an emphasis on a personal process in this rewarding media.






There are also possibility of art tours at my studio by prior arrangement.



 send a WhatsApp message with the workshop that interests you:

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