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Welcome to my site!

I am a Graduate artist at Vital center (today's Shenkar) in illustration. i'm a painter, and recycled wood artist.
a teacher in zoom workshops as well as frontal workshops teacher on a variety of creative topics.
Owner of a studio in Kibbutz Mishmarot.


In recent years I painted in acrylic on a substrate of recycled wood and driftwood.

I taught workshops with wood and got my students acquainted with two- and three-dimensional art and materials. 

Over the past two years I have become re-acquainted with the magic of the marvelous watercolors.


together with Michaela Menda Janko, my friend and partner, and out of joyful collaboration, a series of joint workshops on watercolor techniques and approaches was born. both In studio and zoom.

The watercolor painting is close to my heart, opens my horizons, inspires joy and playfulness in me, and through it I feel meaning in every brushstroke.
 The magic is revealed again and again and I am so happy to pass it on and make it accessible further for more and more students!


During the Corona quarantine, we conducted some zoom workshops for dozens of participants who streamlined their home time for experiential learning with a holistic and close approach to exciting techniques.


I still have love for acrylic and old materials, and I still paint in large and small formats on wood. I prefer an old tree on which time has left its mark on. Beauty is at our doorstep everywhere, and collecting the raw materials is part of this creative process. Many of my creations can be seen in the gallery here.


You are welcome to have a look and tell me what you like .

ayelet gad.

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