Hi, my name is Ayelet, I am an artist, an illustrator,

a mom and a collector of old pieces of wood and the reminisces

of life trapped in them.

I was always attracted to the old materials. I used to find pretty pieces from

wood on the street, at the beach and everywhere.

After studying illustration for four years in Tel Aviv, and trying my luck as an illustrator in newspapers in Israel, I realized it was something else

that I was looking for as an artist.


Time stopped when I moved to Berlin and became a mother for 2 sweethearts. When I came back home with my 2 little guys, I came back to my old habit of collecting old beautiful used pieces and combining them in my art. 

driftwood, reclaimed wood, old branches and grey pieces filled my studio.


I was working at a carpentry and was surrounded with wood, I took it and made tiny houses from it. As I was looking for my real home in life, I started putting them together to a small landscapes.

Every piece is unique and one of a kind and very dear to my heart,

I hope u will enjoy them. 


my studio is lockated in "kibbutz mishmarot".

you are most welcome to phone and stop by.

Ayelet Gad